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photo of longfellow building

Nestled within the Longfellow neighborhood, Longfellow Elementary was built in the 1890s and the south side of the building opened to service the students of the Longfellow community. The area which, currently serving as the library, was at one time a kindergarten room and the fireplace was used to heat the room. The building was renovated in 1958 to accommodate even more students. Over the years, Longfellow has seen many uses including serving as a performing arts school and now neighborhood elementary.

Longfellow has become a community-nurturing academic site of excellence for all students. A neighborhood school, Longfellow is a public school open to students who live within the school’s boundaries. Longfellow Elementary stands by its mission of welcoming diversity and educating students with a technological and innovative curriculum. Intellectual, social and technological skills are fostered and accomplished through professional development, collaborative leadership and parental support

Updated Longfellow Staff 2020